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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  June 4, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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obama saved the american auto industry, we know that, why not rebuild roads and bridges for those cars to drive on. this could be millions of people to work. it could create the demand lacking from business today. his slogan could be my way is the highway. let's get mark working together again. it beats waiting for boehner or canter to do something. they don't want to do something. that's "hardball" for now, thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starting right now. welcome to "politicsnation," i'm al sharpton. tonight's lead, the final push. it's night before the big recall election in wisconsin. in the last few days, thousands of activist and union members, in wisconsin, have been knocking on doors, calling voters, asking
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people to get out and vote. tomorrow will be the recall vote. right wing governor scott walker when walker was elected in 2010 he promised he would focus on the economy. he said he would accuracy jobs but that was just a trojan horse. here is a secret tape of what walker told a donor last year. >> any chance we will be a completely red state? become a right to work? >> well, we can -- we're going to start in a few weeks. the first step is we're going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employees, because you can divide and conquer. >> that's right, divide and conquer. he shocked the people of wisconsin and the rest of the
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state by announcing he would gut public unions. this sparked outrage and massive protest against wisconsin. democratic lawmakers fled the state in a bid to stop the bill from going through. protestors even occupied the state capital demanding walker back down. for week this is real life drama played out on live television. in the end, walkers republicans got the bill through in a couple hours. he was finally forced to tell the truth when he was called to testify on capitol hill. >> did you campaign on the issue of collective bargaining being a problem? >> i didn't talk exactly, i
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talked about broad spectrum. >> i talked about the whole spectrum. >> i'm asking a very specific question. did you explicitly single out -- >> no. >> no. walker acknowledged that he kept his anti-union agenda a secret from voters. at that same hearing, walker was also forced to admit that busting unions had nothing to do with fixing the budget. >> can you please explain to me and members of this committee how much money this provision saved for your state budget. >> we gave workers the right too choose, a fundamental american right, the right to choose if they want to be in a union. >> how much money does it save? >> it doesn't save any. >> that's the point. >> this was never about budgets. it was never about saving money. it was about attacking unions. it was about crippling the
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democratic base. and voters in wisconsin didn't stand for it. at the beginning of this year, they filed more than a million signatures to force a recall election to get walker out of office. last month, tom barrett won a tough primary to become his democratic opponent. now barrett is in striking distance. he is just three points behind overall, and barrett is head among independents. now it's about passion and getting folks out to the poll. >> this started at after grass roots movement and an integrity issue. scott walker had a surprise attack against workers right, and it is fitting that it will end the way it started, as a
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groo grass roots movement. >> joining me is ed schultz, thanks for joining me. >> good to be with you. >> what's the key for tomorrow's election, who has the passion you're feeling out there? >> i came into the state on saturday with a real open mind because the polls are what what they are, it is what it is, but you can't gauge it until you're on the ground and see it for yourself. the numbers look like this -- milwaukee county will be huge for barrett. he only got 37% of the voters in milwaukee came out in 2010, tom barrett got 62% of those. if he can get that turnout up to 50 or more percent, he stands a real good chance of winning this recall tomorrow here in wisconsin. going around the state, going to
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racine, a key area, and burlington, they will knock on 1.2 million doors. they have never seen enthusiasm like this into the state. the visit by bill clinton helped. if is the big money, the tv owned by walker and the super pacs and the people on the ground telling the real story and that's what the democrats are counting on. >> we talked about the big money. walkers donations, $30.5 million. 62% of it came from out of state. barrett's donations 3.9 million, 26% from out of state. so walker has a lot more money, but it's coming mostly from out of state, almost two thirds from outside of wisconsin. barrett has less money, but only maybe a quarter of it coming
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from out of state. so will the enthusiasm, and i agree with you because i talked to people all day on the radio, on my radio show that comes on in milwaukee and we have members of the national action network there, the enthusiasm seems to be there, but will he overcome the places around the state that will come off of walker? >> information is a powerful thing, al. when you go door to door and knock on 750,000 doors over a three day period on the weekend it has an impact. there are boots on the ground, people telling the story, and the response their getting they're very encouraged about it. here is the bottom line. inmy way key county, the african-american community will be huge here, the latino community is also very involved. where is walker going to get more votes? where is he going to gain more
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from what he did in 2010? so if barrett can get the democratic turnout, and they can get near what they did in 2008, this is going to be a rough night at the office for walker. if walker is going to get new voters and supporters, where will they come from. tom barrett did a strategic campaign, he worked the western edge of wisconsin, all along the northern tier into i'll way key and ra seen, and the boots have been overwhelming. and the teachers, the american federation of teachers have been on the ground. they have been fantastic and really enthused about this whole thing. >> ed thank you so much, check out the ed show tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. as he mentioned he's live in wisconsin for special coverage of what could be the most important election so far this year. you won't want to miss it. now let's bring in democratic
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senator john erpenbauct. >> thank you. marty, turnout is key tomorrow. what will you do in the next 24 hours to get the vote out? >> the same thing as over the last ten days. the enthusiasm is incredible. everywhere you go madison, milwaukee, the western part of the state, whether it's places of republican strongholds, the energies of people they're out to endorse, as i said, we're on target to do over a million and two doors. people will have the energy going to the polls tomorrow. the issue is to get your coworkers, relatives, and neighbors, take them to the pole
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and vote. >> the governor ran on a promise of creating jobs. his campaign promise was that he would create 250,000 jobs. his governing record is he only created 33,000. does this help to create a climate that would in many ways stifle some of those that voted for him and supported him, and helped to energize those that feel that he not only came with trying to go after unions and his whole union busting, but he failed when he came with $33,000 jobs and promised $250,000? >> that's absolutely right. at 33,000, that's debatable. it's not conducive for business. i don't care what anything has to say.
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it's no coincidence that the governor said 250,000 jobs, i think that's where he wants the new jobs to come from is from public employees. all of that being said, what marty said and ed said is momentum is on tom barrett's side right now. i would rather it be tom barrett than scott walker and i feel good about it right now. >> when you look at the money, follow the money they tell us, marty. when you look at the out of state billionaire donor that's have supported scott walker, bob perry, she'll don adelson, richard devos. a lot of money from out of state. why are they so interested in supporting him and what's going on in wisconsin. >> it's all about the republican
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agenda. that a big question asked everyday here around the state. the interest is that they can make more money in wisconsin, but it's more their ideology. it's more what their platform is, and if they're successful here, they think they can use this to leverage successes in other states, so they spend the money. i have to tell you something. all of the money is spent, walker is running ten times the ads, walkers numbers have flattened and been frozen in terms of his popularity inspite of the millions of dollars he spent on television ads. >> senator, it's clear they want to do this all over the country, and it's clear this whole republican philosophy is something that's got to be dealt with all over the country. already they're drumming up the line that many of us fear they will try to use everywhere,
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voter fraud. all day, we heard on fox news today, possible voter fraud in wisconsin, let me show you this. >> some are raising concerns about the integrity of the voting system. >> there are agencies of voter fraud on the eve of the election. >> voter fraud a concern in the state. >> governor walker and others raising concern about the possibility of voter fraud. >> have you heard about voter fraud? what are these possibilities, what are they talking about? >> the chairman of the republican party said there will be 2-3% of wisconsinites who will cheat the the polls, it's a made up issue. an attorney general did an investigation into voter fraud agencies in wisconsin and they found 11 cases. three of them were cases of fraud. three cases of fraud, and they
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were prosecuted. we have laws on the books already. it's all about voter suppression and the republicans know that. i think they're rehearsing the lines going cross country and they're setting the whole preview of what they want to do nationally starting with trying to hide behind some of that tomorrow. what are you, if you're sitting around the country, why does this mat ere to me if i'm not in wisconsin, why does the vote in wisconsin matter to me. >> people have to be vigilant. they have to understand how scotch walker got where he was. there were a lot of people that sat on their hands thinking the good guys will win. this could happen in any state. our message to folks around this country is you have to be vigilant. you have to be engaged contin l
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continually. it could happen across this county. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> ahead, is the question some democrats are asking, are republicans tanking the economy on purpose? plus, it should be an easy question, should men and women doing the same job get paid equally? everyone would be for that, right? think again, senator barbara boxer on the latest on the war on women. and president obama goes right after the romney plan that would save willard $5 million. [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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welcome back to "politicsnation." we all agree that women and men doing the same job should get paid the same wage, right? wrong. it's the latest chapter in the gop war on women. here is a fact, a woman today makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. it's true for practically every single occupation out there, a driver, manager, janitor, sales person. if you're a woman you're making
3:21 pm
less than a man. same thing if you're a cook, ceo, security guard, our a police officer. men make more. right now the only thing protects women from this discrimination is the lilly ledbetter act which the president signed in days within enters office. the senate votes on the paycheck fairness act. it would hold companies actable for pay gaps. it stops companies from real waiting against employers who share salary information, and it will often training to women on how to negotiate a fair salary. the bill is expected to fail, but the president is speaking loud and clear. here is how he put it today. >> women still earn just 7 cents for every dollar a man earns
3:22 pm
over the course of her career, a woman with a college degree will earn hundreds of thousands less than a man doing the same work. at a time when we're in a make or break moment for the middle class, congress has to step up. >> equal pay for equal work. who could be against that. joining me now is senator barbara boxer, thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> it's great to be with you. >> we were talking about this in the office today. can you explain this to me? how can anyone be against a bill that would help close the wage gap? >> no one should be against equal pay for equal work. but they will make up reasons. they'll say something like we don't want people to go to court and sue and all the rest. the reason they make up these excuses, is because they are doing the bidding of the
3:23 pm
wealthiest corporate people like the coke brothers and those folks, it always gets back to follow the money. they don't follow it for the middle class, they follow it for the wealthiest among us. they will get wealthier while women are behind the eight ball. $430,000 is that average loss over a lifetime. imagine that from this despairty. >> $430,000 over a lifetime. if you look at closing the gap, it would make nearly $11,000 difference because women are making about $11,000 less than men. that's four mounts of groceries, five months of child care, three months of rent and utilities, five tanks of gases. this is serious things that come out of your life.
3:24 pm
>> this is serious business for the middle class, for the families of this country, for the working women and for working families that count on two incomes. and sometimes one income from a woman. and it is very serious. you know, and what is $11,000 to a coke brother or to mitt romney in his category? it's not much. but for the average family, it is a lot. you laid out what they can do with that. it's not only a question of fairness and justice, it's a question of making sure that our families can afford to do the things they want to do for their kids and it's a key issue. but you know, you look at this whole war on women, they always come up with a reason whether it's the birth control issue, violence against women, the fair pay act, and i want to say to the people up in wisconsin, scott walker repealed the fair
3:25 pm
pay act for women. i hope they will send a message and recall that governor, and mitt romney called him a hero after he did that. >> now romney, talking about romney, this is what he said is the real war on women -- and willard says he is interested in helping the women, here he is crying to win over the women's vote, look at this -- >> the real war on women has been wages by the obama administration's failure on the economy. the real war on women has been the job losses as a result of the balm economy. if we're going to get women back to work and help women with the real issues women care about, good jobs, good wages, a bright future for themselves and their families and kids, we have to elect a president that understands how the economy works and i do. >> when you look at that and
3:26 pm
deal with the romney campaign on the ledbetter act, when this campaign was asked if he stood for fair pay, let me show you what he said. >> yeah, does governor romney support the lily ledbetter act? >> well get back to you on that. >> we'll get back to you on that. so he talks about fairness, but it doesn't match with policy, and the lily ledbetter act, they will get back to him on that. i hope the women will get back to him some day and not vote for him. when thaw attack president obama on this economy, my heart just races because we all know when our president took over as president of the united states, we were bleeding jobs at 600 and
3:27 pm
700,000 or 800,000 jobs a month. he turned around and created jobs. he will not get a good night's rest until we're really back and creating jobs at the pace that all of us want to. if you look at the republicans, what they're doing by stopping us from taking up the equal pay act, giving us a very hard time on the transportation bill, it's 3 million jobs and it's very difficult. we're hoping they will change their tune, but so far it's been nothing. they stopped the president's jobs bill. so reverend, all of this talk about how help create jobs, look what he did to all of those people at bane capital. i just hope women of this
3:28 pm
country and the men that support us will rally around president obama and rally around the democrats in the senate trying to push this paycheck fairness bill. >> senator barbara boxer, such an important issue, and we will talk more about the transportation bill later in the program. thank you so much for your time and coming on the show tonight. >> sure. >> ahead, hypocrisy alert. romney loves to hassle president obama for dumping millions into a failed solar company. now he has explaining to do. there was a secret plan to destroy the obama presidency from day one, but how low will they go? we'll talk to a sitting member of congress with an explosive take and the facts. [ captain ] our landing time got moved back another hour.
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the conversation on "politicsnation" facebook page has been hot all day. politics nation folks have been engaged in the crucial wisconsin recall. timothy plans to be the first in line to vote for tom barrett.
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while folks like ron and marsha are helping by calling wisconsin voters and getting people out. tomorrow to get the vote out is important. one more information -- to get more information on the election and the other big stories of the day, head over to facebook, search for "politicsnation," and find our page. be sure to like us to get all of our updates and be part of the "politicsnation" conversation, 24/7.
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3:37 pm
now they're offering a sneak peek at one of their as. not a peek as in a look at, a peak, p-e-a-k like a mountain top. i have flubed or word or two in my career, this election is about something bigger. it's about the role of government believing that government can help people, that it can be a force for good, that people who work doing people's business, the public sector, are key to making this nation great, that's what president obama believes. on the other side you have willard mitt romney, a candidate with a disdain for those working in government. >> we will stop the unfairness
3:38 pm
of government workers getting unfair pay and benefits. >> we have 145,000 more government workers under this president, let's send them home and put you back to work. >> sen them home, who? what a jobs plan that is. teachers are government workers, so are firefighters, and police officers. you want to send them home? the truth is republicans want to cut, cut, cut. because all of those tax cuts need to be paid for somehow. this chart shows the causes of our national debt. that big red portion, that's the bush tax cuts. willard is out talking about laying off public workers, how about tackling the big red block, and what's worse -- he wants to make it worse. willard would save over $5
3:39 pm
million under his tax plan compared to president obamas. that's not right. joining me now is a democratic strategist that ran with ted kennedy back in 1994 and joan walsh, from thank you both for being here. >> glad to be here. >> bob, let me start with you. i said this before and i'll say it again. in an election defined by fairness, how can willard romney win? >> he is trying to turn this into a referendum of if people are happy or not happy with where we are. last year, for example, we sold 11 million cars in this country. in year we will spell 14 million. but the republicans are rooting for a downturn, opening to turn this election into a situation where people say i'm unhappy,
3:40 pm
susan boyle try this guy no matter what his defects. i think the balm campaign has been very smart, they're downing this into a choice, same thing you're doing on the air here. here is this guy and who he is. he has an economic plan that would give himself a $5 million tax cut. and it would increase the deficit, and it would cut spending so sharply and so fast. >> now joan, romney -- let me show you this, he released his financial disclosure form on friday. it showed that he earned about $190 in speakers fees. he owns as much as $500,000 in go. he put $1 million in his son's company, we don't be grudge him his success, that's fine. it's his policies that make it hard to swallow.
3:41 pm
>> certainly and also his tax policies. all of his tax policies going back to ronald reagan, getting worse under george bush and much worse under governor romney. that's been the story, sadly, going back to ronald reagan. sadly since i became an adult. i feel like i was that last generation that was promised the american dream and it was delivered to us. we had great public schools and universities. mitt romney as govern of massachusetts cut higher education funding by 14%, and fees and tuition at public university there's went up 63%. that is what they have been doing. they have literally been taking from the poor and the middle class and giving to themselves and their friends. that's why i can't get away from what's going on in wisconsin, and all of that outside coke
3:42 pm
brothers money is going to scott walker, and that's who is clust t clusterred around mitt romney. >> you mentioned it, associated press said today that romney's tax plan helps the rich consolidate even more wealth. let me read you what it wrote. the associated press writes romney wants to lower current tax rates for everyone by 20%. this benefits the wealthy the most. romney would pay a rate of 34% under the obama plan. that drops to 13% under romney's own tax proposal. even lower than what he estimated for 2011. >> maybe he should have a slogan, "a tax cut for me."
3:43 pm
i think this is a hypocritical and misleading campaign. a 20% tax cut for everybody, people from the lower end will get very little. the people atle top will get a lot. you know what people do? they're. >> in defense, homeland security, and veterans affairs. all of the areas that romney wants to support. >> let me stop you, but it's a tight election according to the polls, how do we beat him? with all of this out there, it's very close according to the polls, how do you run against him? >> i think the balm campaign that went through in a different context with hillary clinton, a very disciplined campaign will proceed to make this election a choice, it started with bain, now talking about a record on jobs in massachusetts, and the hilarious defense of it was
3:44 pm
well, they were 47th, but by the last year, he got them to the 30th. he wasn't running massachusetts, he was running for president. >> joan, over the weegd romney's campaign was out depending his record as the governor of massachusetts saying he inherited a bad economy. take a listen to this, wob jubo talked about that. >> it comes up repeatedly that massachusetts was 47th out of food. >> over the years it was 47th. >> they're averaging out over the years, so his gains in the fourth year of office show the real impact of his policies and diluting it with the first year in office. >> joan, can you interpret that for me? i don't understand how he is doing the math there. >> well i mean for one thing
3:45 pm
reverend al, they have such a sense of entitlement, i don't think they realize they're doing what they tell president obama he can't do. president obama really inherited a basket case of an economy, he inherited a depression. he said he can't talk about that, it's ridiculous, but when they call on the lousy record in mass, they want credit. they don't think he should have to show his tax returns. they can't even be trusted to know the basics of plucks and what to expect. >> i'm with you there. i thank you and i'm sorry, but we're running out of time, thank you both for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks. ahead, mitch mcconnell infamously said their first priority was to make pb a one term president, but how far will they go? we'll talk to a member of
3:46 pm
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>> that was mitch mcconnell making that ugly promise nearly two years ago into the obama presidency. republicans have done just about all they can do to prevent the president from doing his job and ultimately win a second term. in fact, it was their plan all along. republican lawmakers were plotting the anti-obama strategy literally from day one while the president and his new wife were dancing at an inaugural ball, others were meeting at a upscale restaurant less than a mile away. since then republicans have blocked the american jobs act, forced the debt ceiling crisis, and now they're putting their bet on everything from student loans to the highway bill.
3:51 pm
>> we're seeing in full swing a radical republican plan to win political power by killing jobs and weakening the middle class. this is the most cynical and destructive partisan strategy yet. end of quote. joining me now is that congressman, george miller, thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you very much. >> congressman, you think republicans are purposely trying to block the recovery, tell us why. >> i don't think there is any question. their absolutely trying to keep the recovery from continuing to grow. when you see that speaker boehner announces that they're going to go back after the debt limit, they're going to risk a credit rating of the united states of erik, they will question again putting the united states into default after the disaster that that policy was a year ago, we lost a notch
3:52 pm
on our credit rating, manufacturing orders stopped, cop assumer confidence plummeted, and now a year later it's not a coincidence they reig nighted it and they're engaging in the sabotage of the american recovery. the highway bill was reported out of the senate by a bipartisan vote with 74 democrats and republicans supporting it. since that time the house has passed a bill, but they have not agreed to passing a bill that can pass the congress. and that is telling you that what they're seeking to do is deny the american workers those jobs this construction season. >> now, given what it will do to families, given what it will do to people's lives, you're saying they would do all of that just to achieve power? just to get this president out? >> this is a struggle for the
3:53 pm
republicans and the congress, it is a struggle over power. this is to keep the president from having successes, and to try to dampen the growth we have had in the economy over the last several months. between the statements of john boehner and the inability and unwillingness of the republicans to move a highway bill that could create hundreds of thousands of jobs this summer, it's very clear what they're plan is. their plan is to keep any increas increa increase growth in the economy happening before election day. they would be on the streets today if they passed a bill in march as the senate did. >> it's not just the congress, a new book outlined how gop obstructionism and attacks on president obama, the book even -- it's even -- full of
3:54 pm
compromise, unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and silence. i mean you've been in washington 40 years, have you ever seen an opposition party like this? >> no, never to the successes of our economy. to fight a president when the economy is struggling to grow, but the fight so it won't grow as fast or quickly as it should, and that's what's going on here. that this president will have no successes, and any attempt he makes at keeping the economy going from the depth of the financial crisis, they're going to keep that from happening. and as has been said, they are becoming a radical party because they're so hungry for complete control and they think that's
3:55 pm
better than the american economy growing and succeeding. >> thank you for your time [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ power surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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we're back with a big birthday to celebrate tonight on "politicsnation." special "politicsnation" happy birthday goes out to the minimum wage. it was 100 years ago today massachusetts passed the nation's first minimum wage law back in 1912. it helped lead the way to the national minimum wage law that went into in effect 1938. the minimum wage gave basic workers rights and basic protections. it helped pave the way for fairness in america and helped millions build on their american dream. but 100 years later, reasonable
3:59 pm
cares aren't celebrating. >> the current minimum wage -- >> minimum wage is a mandate. we're against mandates so why should we have it? >> yep, they don't want to guarantee worker as basic protection, but back in jan, mitt romney seemed more moderate on this decision. >> my feeling has been to allow the minimum wage to rise with the cpi or another index to it adjusts overtime. the right hammered him by that so by march you have a talking about. >> when i was governor they raised the minimum wage and i vetoed that. >> inflation is very minimal so far. >> that would tell you right now there is probably not a need to raise the minimum wage. >> not a need to